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    honeycomb sandwich panel with a honeycomb structure as a core. Aluminum honeycomb panels, due to their unique structure, are lighter than other materials, have flatness and stability, and are also soundproof and heat resistant. Aluminum alloy is not radioactive, but also can be fully recycled, saving resources.

    The advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels over other conventional materials:

    (1) light weight, low density:

    The core layer of the honeycomb panel is a typical porous structure, and the continuous polygonal holes are regularly arranged in a regular manner, so that the cross-sectional area of the honeycomb panel is very small, so its density is very small relative to other interlayer materials. As the honeycomb board density is much smaller than laminates, steel plates and other ordinary plate, in the same volume when the quality is the lightest. The quality of the aluminum honeycomb panel is only 9% of the same volume of FRP laminate, 11% of the same volume of steel plate, 23% of the same volume of aluminum alloy plate. This allows the aluminum honeycomb board to be used in aircraft to save a lot of energy. Low-density light makes the honeycomb board to meet the aerospace engineering aircraft and transport tools on the material "lightweight, energy saving" requirements.

    (2) high strength, good rigidity:

    From the perspective of mechanics, the structure of the honeycomb panel is similar to that of many I-beams, which are similar to the flanges of the I-beam and are mainly subjected to the in-plane load, while the honeycomb core is similar to the hibiscus Plate, its main role is to withstand the shear stress and connection, support the upper and lower panels. However, the honeycomb core is different from the web of the I-beam. It is not a thinened but stiff and stiffened core. The core is fixed in the entire board, and the height of the core is much larger than that of the panel. Doubled, while increasing the overall stiffness at the same time the overall stability also increased significantly.

    (3) impact resistance, vibration damping

    When the honeycomb panel is subjected to out-of-plane impact, it can convert the impact force into the plastic deformation energy of the honeycomb core, so it can effectively absorb the impact energy. Through the aluminum honeycomb plate from the falling ball impact test to observe the impact area of the dents area, the depth of the pit, found that the impact of non-crack parts, indicating the toughness of aluminum honeycomb board better impact resistance, through its own deformation absorption Part of the energy, vibration effect is good.

    (4) insulation, noise.

    The material of the honeycomb panel itself is not insulated, and the soundproofing properties, such as aluminum, are good conductors of heat and sound. But the unique structure of the honeycomb panel, making the honeycomb board insulation, sound insulation performance is good. The core is a porous structure, the hole accounted for the vast majority of space, with a thickness of 0.1mm made of aluminum foil specifications is 51.96x48.00x12.20mm aluminum honeycomb board, for example, the physical part of the total volume of only 4 %. Honeycomb core and the panel into a honeycomb panel, the hole has become a hexagonal columnar confined space, the upper and lower panels between the air layer is also divided into a number of closed cells, to prevent the flow of air, heat is difficult to convection and radiation in the form of This structure in the spread of sound waves in which the transmission is also subject to great restrictions, so the honeycomb board has a better insulation, sound insulation performance.

    (5) fire, moisture resistance is good.

    Aluminum honeycomb panel and the core layer are made of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is not flammable material, can play a very good flame retardant role. In addition, the aluminum alloy itself, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance.

    (6) good shape, the thickness optional.

    The thickness of the aluminum honeycomb panel can be selected according to the actual needs of 5-200mm, the shape can also be made according to the specific requirements of flat, single panel or hyperbolic panel. Aluminum honeycomb panels are not only well shaped, but also easy to deform after forming.

    (7) non-polluting, energy saving and environmental protection.

    Aluminum alloy is the preparation of aluminum honeycomb board material, it is not radioactive, nor volatile any harmful to human health harmful gases, but also can be fully recovered, re-use, saving resources and energy, very energy-saving environmental protection requirements. In addition, the honeycomb panel by reducing the quality of transport tools, while ensuring the strength of the increase in power, reduce fuel consumption, while saving energy to reduce the exhaust pollution.

    (8) beautiful, easy to clean.

    Aluminum aluminum panels can be used directly, can also be coated with different layers of the coating to a variety of colors or patterns.

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